See Video of Red Dog blast test conducted by Southwest Research Institute

SAN ANTONIO, TX  - A Red Dog mobile safe room was totally unaffected by 500 pounds of high explosives producing a 900 mph shock wave…  Read more at "News" tab.

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The pictures to the right are split up by current active rig locations and tornado activity.

Cactus Rig Disaster

EL RENO, Oklahoma

First responders responded to a Cimarex oil/gas production rig near the Highway 270 and Interstate 40 intersection that was damaged by a large tornado. No one was injured when the Cimarex-operated rig was hit by Tuesday’s tornado, said Steve Bell, the company’s senior vice president. He said the rig, owned by Oklahoma City’s Cactus Drilling Co., was evacuated before the tornado hit.

May 24th, 2011 Cactus Rig 117 drilling for Cimarex near El Reno Oklahoma suffered a direct hit by a tornado, these are images of the aftermath. The rig was circulating @ 17,000' with 5" Drill Pipe in the hole when the tornado struck.

Cactus Rig Damage