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Red Dog's units are unique multi-purpose, anchorless and enclosed mobile protection units, constructed from the highest quality materials. The Red Dog shelter is currently protected by 5 issued Patents, with others allowed and pending. Learn more about RED DOG >
The Red Dog Hazard Abatement Safety System and safe room enclosure is the only multi-person mobile, FEMA EF5-Rated, blast resistant, bullet proof, faraday cage all-in-one accommodation available for all industry and military needs. Red Dog Units are available with a variety of features and options to choose from, or you can customize for your own needs.
Features Include:
  • Heat Stress Cooling System
  • Cold Stress Warming System
  • Emergency Shower and Eye Wash System
  • HEPA Filtered Climate Controlled Break Room
  • Reduce Location Footprint - ONEunit Serving Multiple Needs
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Hazards Mitigated
Red Dog's Circle of Protection

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You can also learn about OSHA's regulatory standarts and API Recommended Practices that apply to that hazard.
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Industries Served
Red Dog Mobile Shelters have potential value in essentially any and all industries in which crews must routinely operate in remote or facility locations where they are at risk from natural or industrial hazards.
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Industries
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Refineries
  • LNG Export Facilities
  • Man Camp Accommodations
  • Strategic Utility Servicing Areas
  • Highway Construction and Repair
  • Large or Small Corporate Construction
  • Railway lines and Stations
  • Chemical Plants
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